Participation in the Wolf of RetroDrops program on exclusive terms
The legendary program on which we, along with the participants, will make x10 on the capital within a year

We have added an additional 30 spots for the WoR program at a discount of up to 20%

Therefore, during the Black Friday days, you have the opportunity to join us after the sales are closed!
Special Offer:
Only 30 spots available!
Up to: -20% discount on all packages
My trading course the "Complete Program" standard package with 40% discount
Comprehensive trading education in the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

Technical aspects, psychology, ready-made trading strategies, trading rules, money management, and Thomas's personal trading strategy.

In the form of 16 training modules, and all this with a 40% discount.
Special Offer:
Only 50 spots available!
basic price – $1280
Personal mentorship for exponential growth in finance
I’ll become your personal financial mentor within a 3 months. We will bust all aspects of financial life – your mental health, active income (work or business), investments and crypto.

We will create a personalized growth strategy for the next 1-3-5 years and build a foundation for its implementation.
Special Offer:
Only 5 spots available!
Advertising integration on all platforms
Advertising integration covering my million-strong audience on all social media platforms: YouTube 412k, Instagram 1.2 million, TikTok 539k

The offer includes: Reels and TikTok + YouTube-video + 1-day storytelling in Instagram stories.
Special Offer:
4-month media growth consulting for cryptocurrency expert
I will help you to create a high-class media personal brand, to gather quality audience and monetize your media.

Me and my team will provide consulting for 4 months, helping you through the stages of setting up all platforms, building an audience, and monetization.

As a bonus, you will receive an advertising package, which usually costs over $100,000 - a joint YouTube podcast/ interview, 3 reels-collaborations, one major integration in IG-stories and one IG-post
Special Offer:
Only 2 spots available!
Ambassadorship for a cryptocurrency project
As a Number One Crypto Influencer and one of the fastest growing bloggers in the world, I am ready to become an ambassador for a worthy and strong project. I will use your product, create reviews, and promote it on all my platforms every month for six months or throughout 2024.

I will take only one ambassador project on contract!
Special Offer:
Only 1 spot available!
Who I'm considering:
• Crypto projects, banks and financial services
• Clothing, watch, auto and tech brands
• Educational platforms and events
• Possibly sports and bio supplements (verified, certified)
Format, duration and regularity is discussed individually.