RetroDrops Part 5

For those who want to make 10-30X in 2024
I propose to make a decision right away
💡 Every day we make choices that determine our tomorrow. Not making a choice is also a choice.
You can leave things as they are and change nothing

Let opportunities pass you by, slowly save money, change your car every 10 years with credit and hope that life is about to get better. We'll survive this year and everything will be fine. Or maybe a new president, mayor, deputy will come and he will save us.

And all of your cryptocurrencies are a fraud. All rich people make money by cheating ordinary working people.

Maybe it's harsh, but it's true.
That's how humans are built, it's much easier to find 1000 reasons not to do something new. Not even to try it or learn more about it. And gossip with friends that it can't be that easy, it's definitely all a scam. To betray my dreams.

Or what if I try and it doesn't work out and... and nothing bad happens. It's just a waste of time. I'd rather watch the new season of the show I’ve been waiting for.
You have to do it yourself. Sacrifice your nerves, time, money, and it is not certain that you will succeed.
I completely agree with the fact that today, on the Internet, there is a lot of information on any topic. You can learn any profession and any science to a decent level. You can even learn how to fly an airplane.

There is only one BUT:
From all the tons of videos, books, articles, blogger stories.. How do you determine what will lead to the desired result? After all, the essence of any job is to do the correct actions that lead to results.

To find them on your own, you have to study for years and test all of the information in practice. To find 1 working tip out of 100 tips. This always comes at a huge cost.
Not the fact that in the end everything will work out and the person will not give up on the third day.

Anyway, all of this free information is good for familiarizing yourself with something new, to understand whether this direction is interesting or not, in 5 minutes. And also as additional knowledge when you already understand the profession and are looking for a specific piece of information.
The simple and safe way is to learn from other people's mistakes and take my ready-made solution.

I have been making money in financial markets, including cryptocurrency, for 10 years. Created a University and trained over 5000 people to be financially free. I created my own IT company based on RetroDrops.
There is already a ready and proven methodology, so why reinvent the wheel?

1️⃣The first and most important thing you will receive:

A spot on the Wolf of RetroDrops training program
Education consists of actual lessons, with feedback from mentors who use RetroDrops themselves and weekly zoom meetings.

0. Learn all about cryptocurrency, how it works and learn how to use basic tools
You will get basic skills in working with cryptocurrency. You will create a wallet, register on an exchange and learn how to use it all: buy crypto, exchange coins, withdraw them. And most importantly - do it all safely and anonymously.

This will not only help with RetroDrops, but also in life. We are not going anywhere from crypto and sooner or later it will have to be learned. Now when you fly to another country, you will always have crypto to withdraw in any country.

I'm sure that when you learn how to use your wallet, in parallel to RetroDrops, you will start investing in cryptocurrency. In addition, over the long run, it will multiply your capital. Considering that we expect a big growth of crypto in 2024-2025, the result can be very quick.

  • Guide "All about cryptocurrency for beginners: comfortable immersion in the crypto world"
  • Step-by-step instructions how to register and verify an account on a crypto exchange

1. Set your mindset for results and achieving your goals 10X

Every endeavor and goal needs to be approached with the right mindset, otherwise we'll get off track after a week. We will figure out how to set goals, how to organize your time, how to properly allocate all of the steps and start moving towards your goals.

This is something that will always help you through life, not only in RetroDrops. I am sure that most of your goals can be achieved within one year. But people keep putting off goals and losing focus.
We'll explore the major pitfalls of our thinking and eliminate them.

Bonus: Financial Goal Setting Checklist

2. Learn the RetroDrops base and take your first steps

I've covered RetroDrops in great detail in this article, but it's not the end. It's just the beginning. Things are much deeper and more interesting. We're going to understand all of the tools in detail

3. Learn how to find projects for RetroDrops

I told you that my team and I have selected 12 projects for ourselves to start working on. But the market is not limited to that. In our community, students search, analyze and share potentially lucrative projects with each other on their own.

This way, you can find even more opportunities and get even more profits. We're talking about 10-30X profit. But one of the projects returned 56X profit in 2023. Maybe you or your colleagues will find a similar project.

This skill of analysis will not only help you in RetroDrops. It is generally the base of crypto, which you will use for further investing and finding new opportunities when the next trend starts after RetroDrops.

Every month there are new projects that eventually break into the top 20 or top 10 coins, from which you can make large returns over time. For example, the Solana project, which could have been bought at $0.5 with proper analysis. Today the price is ~$100.

We will give our algorithm for finding projects and show what factors we pay attention to, which allowed us to find 5 projects, each of which brought us profits totaling $758k.
Since we are practicing, we will not just give an algorithm, but actually find new relevant projects together.

Bonus: A selection of proven sources of information for finding RetroDrops
Bonus: Checklist for analyzing a RetroDrop
4. Learn step-by-step how to earn money from RetroDrop

In each of the selected projects, we need to understand what kind of activities to perform. What exactly will be valued by the project and what we will be rewarded for. That's what we're going to look into. We will understand the algorithm of participation in RetroDrops.

We will do everything in practice.

You will have a prepared table with the necessary activities for each project. You will have 1-2 hours per day to go through the list, perform only the necessary activities and wait for your reward.

Bonus: A guide to effective participation in RetroDrops.
Bonus: Top 10 current RetroDrops on the market.
Instructions how to create a rating to get a drop.

5. More practice. And more practice

Let's take apart ready-made solutions from my team and conduct joint masterminds. We can discuss crypto and RetroDrops endlessly, but I want each of you to take on the task and get results.

That's why the main focus is on practice. That you do all the necessary tasks to get the rewards. We give you all the necessary knowledge, projects, methodology and all that's left is to act.

Bonus: Detailed guides for participating in actual RetroDrops.

6. Scaling your income
Once you understand all the basics, learn how to find projects on your own, allocate the right activities and learn how to do them, it's time to move on to maximizing your income. Learn how to create farms like ours.

We'll figure out all the options to maximize your income and the risks of scaling. To do things the smart way and make every dollar work to the max.

Bonus: A step-by-step checklist for starting your own farm.

That's not all, I'm just getting started

2️⃣The second thing you'll get:

The opportunity to participate in 12 drops with my team
I'll repeat for the hundredth time: finding the right project is 99% of success in RetroDrops. We have already analyzed the most attractive projects for you and selected 12 projects that we ourselves are involved in.

We didn't just study the fundamental data on the type of investors, team and so on. We tested our farms on all projects. We went through all the activities, made checklists for all the activities in each project and calculated the economics.

All you need to do is perform tasks from the already prepared list of projects. What could be easier?
We will keep you informed about what's going on inside these 12 projects, what new activities appear, when drops are expected, when they will be given out and how to get them.

3️⃣The third thing you get:

A chat with Mentor help
I can't afford to just throw information at my students and leave to deal with everything themselves in total freedom.

Everyone has a different rate of education, different ways of viewing the world, different ways of thinking, and it's important to always have professionals around to give guidance and answer questions.

The mentors who will be by your side are not just trained people - they are professionals who are involved in RetroDrops themselves and have practical skills. And you will eventually become a professional too.

4️⃣The fourth thing you'll get:

Practical homework assignments with feedback from the Mentors
All of the knowledge you will receive will be validated in practice. On real RetroDrop projects. That is, education is working on RetroDrop projects, not just theory.

Each assignment will be checked by our mentors, professionals who work on RetroDrops themselves. They will advise you on all activities, all wallet actions, all projects, building a farm and so on.

Imagine that you came to university and instead of raw theory, you immediately hone all the skills on real work. That's where you get experience and results.
All homework assignments will lead you to get that 10-30X. After education you will be left to repeat the same things you did in the homework with help from mentors.

5️⃣ The fifth thing you'll get:

Weekly Zoom Meetings
Once a week, you will have a call with the other students and mentors to discuss any questions and share your experiences. You will help each other solve questions, talk about your successes, and motivate each other.

My goal is to create the largest and most profitable RetroDrop community.

6️⃣ Sixth thing you'll get:

Workshops to improve skills
Development, development and more development. All 10 years of my financial activity I have been developing different skills: analysis, money management, emotion management, learning the instruments of cryptocurrencies.

This allows me to always maintain current knowledge and skills, which I use to multiply my capital. We will hone your skills to perfection and make you a true cryptocurrency professional.
With this bag of skills and 10-30 times multiplied capital, you will go further in life.

7️⃣ The seventh thing you get:

Use the BOT for 12 RetroDrops
I've talked a lot about how cool it is that we've been able to automate the whole process of RetroDrops. How we create thousands of wallets that make us money on their own in multiple projects. All we have to do is to monitor that everything works correctly.

We will share our software with you, which will perform activities on 12 top projects by itself.
We have prepared all of the necessary instructions for launching and customizing the bot. So that everyone can customize the software for their budget and turn RetroDrops into passive income.
All of this is supported by our technical team so that you can successfully and effectively use RetroDrops automation.

You can use any budget for RetroDrops, get your friends involved and so on. You will not work with your own hands, our software will do everything.

8️⃣ Eighth thing you get:

The opportunity to build your own RetroDrop farm
We already have a ready-made solution that has brought us $758k dollars. If you have a lot of capital, we will help you build your farm, which will be supported by our employees in a real offline office in Riga.
We will calculate the business model and individually answer all questions in a conversation, if you are interested.

🔥 Let's summarize what you get:

  1. The Wolf of RetroDrops training program with all the knowledge and instructions you need to make 10-30X in 2024.
  2. Opportunity to participate in 12 drops with my team
  3. Chat with Mentor help
  4. Hands-on homework assignments with feedback from Mentors
  5. Weekly Zoom Meetings
  6. Workshops to improve skills
  7. BOT use for 12 RetroDrops
  8. Opportunity to build your own RetroDrop farm

Right now you are probably thinking the following thoughts:
  • Sure it would be cool to take my savings and just make 10-30X and pay off my home loan, my car loan, my kids' education... or fly off on a vacation just like that. But damn, it seems so complicated and I'm still not completely sure I can do it and that it's all true. It all sounds too pretty....

So I want to make you an offer
Let's get on the one-on-one session with our team's top experts and have an open honest conversation.
  • We will determine your point A: analyze your current situation, your knowledge of the crypto market and based on that choose the best way to earn money in RetroDrops and whether you should get involved in them.
  • We will help you to set a real ROI that you can achieve.
  • We will find with you the most suitable pricing option, so that you could afford based on your financial situation.
It will only take you 30 minutes and you will get all of your questions answered

The offer is only valid for 24 hours, starting now.

I want to work with those who can make a quick decision, who are really interested in testing themselves in a new profession.
Those who have a burning desire.

Also, we only have 6-12 months to make a fortune from RetroDrops. This is not a place for slow and hesitant people. RetroDrops are for those who are ready to take the opportunity this world has to offer here and now.

I have purposely taken my team off their work tasks so they can answer all of your questions personally. Now it's your turn!

Once you leave a request to the one-on-one session with my expert, you will be contacted, a convenient time will be arranged and a call will be made.

Why am I doing this?
First, I'm tired of seeing the amount of outright scam online in cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments. People are given empty promises and deafening words that are not backed up by anything. People are promised magic pills, which they do not receive and lose money. Very often they fall into debt for the sake of it. I want to prove that there are real working tools here that no one knows about yet.
Secondly, I've accomplished all of my financial goals in life. I'm no longer motivated by money. I'm motivated by sharing my experiences with others, helping others achieve their goals, and watching people succeed. To realize that I am involved in something bigger and making a difference in this world.
Third, I want to surround myself with strong people with whom we will continue to grow. A lot of students have become good partners with whom we can get out to Dubai and discuss mutual projects.

🚫 You don't risk anything

I don't have a goal to sell my education to every person. I am responsible for the results you get with my reputation, which I have been building for the past 10 years. That's why I suggest you one-on-one call first and get all of the details.

All of this has cost me many years of experience, trial and error. You only need to spare 30 minutes of pleasant communication with TOP of my team)
Offer is limited!
Let's get it done already!