RetroDrops Part 2

What you need to make 10-30X in 2024
  • How RetroDrops work
  • What did 10-30X in the past and how to make money from trends
  • Why projects give away $1000-$3000 to everyone
  • I will tell you how I earned $758k
First of all, I want to talk about how 10X+ has been made in the past.
Knowing history helps you find opportunities in the present.
RetroDrops have replaced other methods of increasing capital that have been around throughout the history of cryptocurrencies: ICOs, IDOs, NFTs, Move-to-Earn, Play-to-Earn etc.
The first thing ICOs, IDOs, and IPOs were the first things that ICOs were made from.

These all refer to initial public offerings with the ability to buy shares at an undervalued price. Which guarantees profit. The same mechanism is in the classic market with large companies. For example, in 2020, Airbnb shares rose 112% after the IPO. In 2014, Alibaba's stock went from $68 to $100 after IPO.

IPOs, ICOs, IDOs are a way to attract big investment and attention to a company/project. It is always a limited opportunity.

Those who actively followed the cryptocurrency market in 2017-2020 had time to get into early stage projects and do 5-10-20-30X.

For example
ETH was released on the ICO at a price of $0.31. Today (January 16) the price of ETH is ~$2400.
in 2016 Alias could be bought at $0.001 and sold for $0.15.
Ark could be bought at $0.04. Today the price is $0.78.

There were not a few scam projects during the ICO, so the form of initial public offering has changed over the years.

ICO was replaced by IDO and Launchpads. The essence is the same, but with increased security for users. Here are the results of one of the top platforms where the initial public offering of shares (tokens) took place

Average yield 26.9X. The maximum return is 135X

The next trend is NFT’s
We won't go into details of what it is, why it is needed and how it helps the market. The point is that there were many opportunities to multiply capital.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber were buying NFT’s. Luxury brands like LV were creating their own NFT’s. All of this rocked the market and created wild hype. But here's the point: those who invested in NFT’s before all the hype made money.

Another trend is Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn
In 2022 there is a new trend wave under the big idea of "move-to-earn". Buy virtual sneakers, walk/run 20 minutes a day and get crypto for it. The idea seems very eco-friendly, right?

And it was also a great time to do 5-10X within 1-2 months. If you were early adopters of these types of projects, you would have multiplied your capital. But once it got the hype, it was too late to get in.

Using these examples I wanted to convey 2 things:
1 - In crypto there are always opportunities to make 5-10-30X quickly, in a short period of time.
2 - The one who capitalizes on the opportunity before the hype is the one who makes money.
No one is talking about RetroDrops right now. So we have 6-12 months to make money and make 10-30-30X. I will show and tell you how to do it.

❓ What do all of these opportunities have in common?

These opportunities were during the growth of the market, the so-called bull run. When a lot of money comes into the market and there is enough for everyone.

Now we are moving towards another bull run and we have been seeing a lot of crypto growth for a few months now. But this is just the beginning. All the most interesting things are ahead. That's why my team and I expect to receive the first RetroDrops awards in the Spring of 2024.

The first wave of RetroDrops was in 2023 - we made $758k.
The second wave will be in 2024 - we will do $3-5 million.
There will not be a third wave.

Every day there is less and less time to get into RetroDrops. It's a limited supply that you can't let pass you by.
Only a few people know how to properly engage in RetroDrops and pump the most out of it. There is minimal competition in this market right now.

What are RetroDrops and where did they come from?
ICOs, IPOs and IDOs were a great solution for projects to create excitement around the project, attract more users, investments and increase the capitalization of the project. And for crypto users it was a super opportunity to make 2-5-10X to investments within a couple of months.

But there was a problem called SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), which said that such a thing is equivalent to offering securities. Which brings additional inspections and fines.
Projects have found a new solution - RetroDrops.

RetroDrops is giving out tokens (or shares for pure understanding) to early users for activities within the project.

Earlier there was a common way to get coins for free, it was called Airdrop. The idea was that we performed tasks for the project and received a reward for it. As tasks were most often activities in social networks: subscriptions, likes, reposts and so on.
In RetroDrops we get rewarded for activities. I will explain further what the difference is and what these activities are.

We don't know in advance what the reward will be and when it will be received. That cuts off the freeloaders. The reward is given to engaged users. This mechanism increases the reward and you can get several thousand dollars from one project.

Here is an example of rewards that were in 2023:

Every active user could get up to $50,000

Why do projects give away money?
This is a competent marketing move that allows the project to attract new active users. For a project to launch successfully, it needs to test its entire service and gain a client base.

Projects do not openly say that they will give rewards, but they hint at it. This makes people interested and attracts new users. The activities that users perform help to test the project. Ensuring the stability of all services.

For ease of understanding, let me give an example.
Let's go back in time to the birth of Facebook, when it was a social network for students. You are an active Facebook user: you post your photos and chat with your friends every day. By doing the usual things, you help the developers make sure that everything is working properly, that messages reach their recipients quickly, that the servers can handle the load, and so on.

No one knows about Facebook yet, but it already has an active user base. Now it is easy to attract investments, as it is not just an idea or a startup, but a ready-made proven product.

And here Facebook, having received the investment, shares a portion of the equity with you for being an early user and supporting the project.

Here's another example.
A new bank opens in your country that nobody knows about. Now it is just a startup that is difficult to find investors for.

But you start using the bank. You pay with the bank's card in the store, get your salary, make transfers, buy shares, and so on. The bank thereby makes sure that all processes are working properly and can open up for investment. After that it will share its stocks in gratitude for your participation.
In crypto, everything works on the same principle.

We enter the project at an early stage and perform tasks, that is, we just use the project. Most often we just need to exchange tokens between each other. For example, buy Bitcoin for dollars, buy Ethereum for Bitcoin and exchange back into dollars. This is done very easily, but it needs to be done regularly.

Such simple actions generated $758k for me in 2023. I spent 1-2 hours per day on it.
We selected only 5 projects in which we invested $70,000 and got the result of 10.8X

Let me remind you that RetroDrops are suitable for budgets ranging from $1,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You probably have a question: what kind of investment? Where to invest?
In this case, you don't need to buy any stocks or tokens. I have already written about the fact that most often in RetroDrops we need to exchange tokens. For each exchange we pay a small commission. This commission is the investment, which in 5 projects has returned between 7.6X to 56X.

There is a trick's not that simple.....
In this part of the article, I used statistics for what rewards projects gave per user. For example, Arbitrum was giving 2-10k dollars. Where did we earn 297k dollars?
This is my unique method of how to automatically earn a lot. But we will talk about it later.

The key to success in RetroDrops is choosing the right projects.
You can go on youtube right now and search for actual RetroDrops. You'll be given videos of hundreds of projects to get involved in. They will even show you what to do and how to do it.

There is one slight nuance
Not all projects will give rewards. Not all projects will give more rewards. You will not be able to participate in all projects at once. It will be a huge expense that will not pay off and you will yield a loss.

In my strategy, I focus on 2 things:
  • Selecting quality projects that bring value, technology and innovation to the world of cryptocurrencies. Out of hundreds of projects, we have selected only 12, from which we will make 10-30X
  • Automating the process of RetroDrops and scale. To spend 1-2 hours per day on it and each project returned more than 100 thousand dollars

That's why we manage to make money. Competent analysis and selection of projects and automation of processes. I will also share this in the next parts. You'll be shocked.
I'm already seeing fewer and fewer readers. You know what that means? You and I are getting more money!

What did I do to make $758k?
In the next installment, I will explain in detail all 5 projects that yielded 758k dollars in 2023.

Are you ready to go further, learn all about RetroDrops and get a unique methodology to make 10-30X in 2024?
  • I understand that there are many opportunities in crypto and I need to take advantage of them
  • I understand what RetroDrops are and how they work.
  • I have $1000 and 1-2 hours of free time per day for RetroDrops
  • I want to make a 10-30X in 2024.

Then go to part 3!