RetroDrops Part 3

How and where I earned $758k in 2023 and how to repeat my result
  • What skills do you need to make money from RetroDrops?
We're getting to the most interesting part - a detailed analysis of the 5 projects I used to multiply my capital by 10.8X. After that, we'll move on to my unique strategy that will help automate your RetroDrops earnings.

Before we start, I want to show you some interesting statistics with the results of other RetroDrops teams. How much and which projects they earned from.
Cryptocurrency users managed to find 6 wallets that earned between 54k and 277k dollars from RetroDrops. Which confirms the fact - my result is not luck. It is a calculated strategy.
Now I will analyze what activities I performed on 5 projects and prove that each of you can do the same.

First project Arbitrum
Arbitrum allocated $100 million to RetroDrop rewards. This money came from investors and was spent by the project to attract a new audience, increase user activity and run more tests on their testnet.
To give you a heads up, every user who participated in RetroDrop activities received a reward, every single one.

To qualify for the drop, you needed to meet a minimum of 3 out of 14 criteria, for example:
  • Deposit in the Arbitrum network
  • Activity for 2/6/9 months
  • More than 4/10/25/100 transactions/smart contracts
  • Volume of more than 10/50/250k
  • Bridge of more than 10/50/250k
  • Deposit in the Arbitrum Nova network
  • More than 3/5/10 transactions in Arbitrum Nova

(Do not be intimidated by unfamiliar terms, it might seem complex now, but we will go through it all, showing everything. Besides, everything can be automated.)

In more simple terms, you had to deposit funds into Arbitrum and show activity over several months through small transactions (such as exchanging cryptocurrencies, transferring crypto, and so on).
All of these actions took us a maximum of 30 minutes per week, thanks to automated processes.
30 minutes per week to receive a total reward of $297,884 across all accounts.

What did our investments in the project represent?
As you can see, to qualify for the drop, transactions needed to be made. There is a small fee for each transaction, plus you need to have an initial deposit. I personally know people who entered the project with $100, and that was enough to exit with $2000.

The main feature of RetroDrops is the ability to enter with small sums, as well as really big sums. After all, the goal of these projects is to make entry into crypto as simple as possible.

Since we entered the project with 500 accounts on a large scale, our expenses were higher than those of the average user. That's why we ended up achieving not 20x, but "only" 9.9x. Yes, "only" $267,884 in net profit.

Project Arkham
It's almost embarrassing to admit how easy it was to make money here.
We received $150 just for registering in the project and confirming our email. Come on, I confirm my email on every website, but no one ever paid me for it.

On top of that, every user you referred through the referral system brought in an additional $150.
Now, remember the fact that we used 130 accounts and could invite ourselves, essentially receiving $300 in rewards.

Unfortunately, we only invested $1,000 in this project, but earned $56,857. That's a whopping 56.8x return on investment.
Once again. $56,000 for confirming an email.

Project Aptos
The project raised $300 million from top funds and began distributing money to users. They paid out around $2,500 per account to everyone who completed the key actions, which totaled 120,000 people.
No one checked if real people were using the accounts, there were no restrictions. Anyone could create multiple accounts and earn $2,500 from each.

While some call crypto a bubble, a pyramid scheme, and believe there's nothing substantial behind it, others are earning from it. Show me how many Wall Street companies can attract $300 million.

Through these RetroDrop activities, we earned $122,104, having invested $16,000.

Project Sui
$45 was paid for each account, literally for just one click. To get to this file, you made more clicks.
The project raised $336 million, even more than Aptos and Arbitrum - a key indicator that the project can be fully trusted.

And you know what you had to do to earn $45? Subscribe to the Discord channel. For those who don't know what this means, think of it as "following an account on Twitter or Instagram."

We also completed other RetroDrop activities to increase income on each of the 120 accounts. Each account generated an average of $1,040.6, totaling $124,882 for us.
But even just for subscribing, with so many accounts, we would have earned $5,400 in a day.

Project Optimism
User rewards started from $2000 for the simplest actions, for example:
  • Exchange coins for $20 using their network,
  • Make a $20 deposit on their website (the money can always be returned),
  • Lend $50 and borrow $20,
  • Deposit $20 and hold it for 3 days,
  • Open a trade for $30,
  • Trade a total of $100 (total trade volume).
In total, having $50 at hand, one could easily complete all activities, as there were several months given to do so.
We used 150 accounts, which brought in a total of $156,620 with an investment of $10,000.
All 5 out of 5 projects we entered yielded colossal gains on large volumes. We didn't hesitate for a second about where Bitcoin would go, we didn't care. It's not trading, we don't need to predict anything. We simply have to select good projects and complete simple tasks.
Everything is very simple and available to everyone!

To earn on RetroDrops you need:
  • Learn how to use Metamask cryptocurrency wallet (20 minutes to learn)
  • To exchange coins by clicking 2 buttons
  • Devote 1-2 hours per day to it
As I said in the last part of the article, the most important thing is to find a quality project in which you will perform activities. This is the most difficult process, which my team and I have already done for you and created a list of 12 projects.

May the team forgive me…
I'm going to reveal one of the projects where we are doing activities right now. The name of this project alone can sell for several thousand dollars. Because you don't need to look for projects, test them, do activities for 6 months and spend money. Everything is already ready.

This project is LayerZero
Now I will tell you more about it and show you what you need to do to multiply your investment by 10-30 times.

LayerZero is created to reduce the price of commissions in crypto when you exchange coins and increase the speed of transactions. That is, the project solves the most important problem of crypto.

More than 260 million dollars of investments from the largest funds: Binance, A16Z, venture fund Coinbase, in addition, LayerZero is a partner of Circle - a global financial technology company.

Please note that on Arbitrum RetroDrops we managed to earn $297,884 from $30,000 with Arbitrum's collected investment of $100 million. LayerZero has collected 2.6 times more!

LayerZero tools are already used by a large number of other crypto projects. It is in these projects that we need to perform activities.

For example, the Stargate Finance project, where we will exchange coins right now.
To do this, I connect my Metamask wallet on the Stargate Finance website and in the Transfer tab I simply choose which coins I want to exchange.

Now I'm just going to exchange STG coins between different networks. Don't be intimidated by complicated words, it's as simple as using a banking app.

I paid a commission for this transaction. The first activity is done! It took me 15 seconds.
Now let's go to one more site related to LayerZero - OmniBTC and exchange coins. For example, like this:

I will buy a $15 BNB coin and choose to use the LayerZero protocol to do it

Pay the commission and it's done!

And so we go through all other projects related to LayerZero. After that we put all commissions and activities in the table, so that we don't forget anything.

We can do all of these actions at any convenient time of the day, directly from our phones. There is nothing complicated about it. The main thing is to do everything systematically and be able to wait for the project to start rewarding active users.

If you perform these actions during the next few months and spend a total of $200 to $1000 on commissions, you will get a reward several times more.

Same with our other 11 projects that we have invested several hundred thousand dollars in.
Now you have almost everything you need to start making money from RetroDrops. You know how they work and why it's not a scam but a real opportunity. You know what projects you can make money from and what you need to do.

It's time to learn MY METHOD
How to make big money on RetroDrops and automate the process so you don't have to do anything manually?

In the next part of this article I will explain:
  • How we have automated RetroDrops and spend a maximum of 1-2 hours per day
  • How we can earn 300x from one project and allocate budget
  • How we will earn 3-5 million dollars in 2024

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